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Vedic Math

Do you dread the sight of numbers and signs? Or do you love learning and solving math problems? Either way Vedic Maths is an ancient science of problem solving that has proven to be one of the most effective in strengthening your understanding of Mathematics. Today this concept has been recognised globally yet many Indians are unaware of this rich jewel that was passed on to us by our scholars. We are a land of veteran mathematicians such as Aryabhatta, Shakuntala Devi, C.R Rao to name a few. From finding the value of zero to solving complex math problems mentally Indians have tactfully mastered Maths, giving us more reasons to borrow from our ancestral wisdom. Schools and institutes such as St. James London and IIT already swear by the easy and quick methods taught via Vedic Maths to save time on calculations

What is Vedic Math?

As the name suggests Vedic math has been derived from our ancient Vedas. According to Vedic Maths, most math problems irrespective of their difficulty level can be solved in a foolproof manner using 16 word Sanskrit formulae or Sutras. Each of these Sutras help in strengthening our capacity to calculate mentally.

Vedic Maths is helpful in many ways life
Time Saving Methods

The second characteristic of Vedic Maths is its shortcut methods. Vedic Maths has a lot of time-saving techniques which are called Vedic Sutras. Vedic Sutras are shortcut tricks and techniques or one can call them formulas for doing faster calculations. Not only does one develop speed in the calculation but it also gives accurate answers. Rote learning of tables is a big problem for children and many times children are scolded by the parents in case they miss to answer the tables. In case the child has learnt Vedic Maths there is no need to learn tables beyond the table of nine. All the tables upto 19 or even higher calculations in multiplication can easily be done with the help of Vedic Maths

Vedic Maths Develops Mental Maths

Vedic Maths is that it boosts mental math skills. Mental Maths is a skill that helps in doing calculations in the head without the use of paper and pencil. Having a strong mental math improves self-confidence and generates self-interest in math. Vedic Math with its Sutras actually does this to the child. It has several shortcut tricks and techniques of faster calculation that the child is able to do the math problems mentally. So it reduces or eliminates to a large extent the rough work which leads to time wastage in calculations. As the child moves up the ladder in the different grades in school, the difficulty level of math grows. Hence to be competitive in math, Vedic Maths tricks are a blessing.

Higher Scores in Maths at School and Math Competitions

Knowing the fast methods of calculations as taught in Vedic Maths, students have benefited immensely by scoring excellently in school math exams and getting top rank in math competitions. All the tests and competitions give a lesser time limit and have a higher difficulty level to test the competence of the child. Vedic Maths teaches time-saving methods and builds math accuracy. Using these methods children have scored brilliantly in math.

Apart from this basic Advantage of vedic Math it has following benefits too

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