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About Us

We believe in our Mission Statement…….

Mount Carmel Global School, established in the year 2008 , is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education for Pre-Primary to class X.(CBSE Affiliation No: 3630079) Spread across a vast land amidst the idyllic serenity of the foothills,the School is away from the mundane existence of the congested city. The lush greenery and ambience provides a scenic background for the vista of information and knowledge unfolding within the school.

MCGS is one of the most distinguished CBSE schools in the city, believes in the uniqueness of each child thereby fostering holistic development through integrated learning opportunities for the all-round development of the students.

Our philosophy is based on the constructive approach where the learners are actively involved in their learning in a self-governing environment. Learning experiences are interactive, student-centred and progress from known to unknown, concrete to abstract and local to global.

The dedicated team who are aware of each student's emotional, social, psychological and physical development as well as their cognitive growth. They provide a motivational framework for each learning opportunity.A learner at MCGS develops global perspective and life skills to help and excel in his or her desired field and become a life-long learner.Above all, we take pride in nurturing the young minds of today who would be the compassionate and responsible global citizens of tomorrow.



The school is headed by a dynamic educational professional with exposure to an international and contemporary curriculum. She has a double post-graduation degree in commerce and English literature with a B. ED

An educationalist with more than 20 years of experience working in several CBSE and ICSE schools all across the country.

Mrs. Suprabha Hani. Principal

Values and Ethos

The School provides a nurturing environment wherein young children feel loved, cared,secured,respected and valued.

The schools focus on 4 C's:

  • Care,
  • Co-operation,
  • Collaboration and
  • Courtesy. 

We believe that today's children are tomorrow's leader

The Logo

The Mount Carmel Global school Logo underlines the philosophy of ‘Transformation’ at all levels. A Geometric Triangular shape melts into free form- that of birds taking flight.

In MCGS, ideas transform into action, creativity takes flight and students are encouraged to constantly attain greater heights. Freedom of thought and expression aids the metamorphosis of the children into innovative and sensitiv e individuals

Our Vision

Mount Carmel Global school ,Hyderabad envisions ‘Creativity in thought; thought in action; action with purpose and purpose in life’. With this vision we have been cultivating a wide spectrum of practices to nurture the future generation.

Our Mission

Mount Carmel Global school ,Hyderabad emphasises on ‘Fuelling curiosity, instilling discipline and encouraging empathy.” The school believes that curiosity in children is an appetite for knowledge and encourages children to learn. We ensure that holistic learning is imparted through a plethora of opportunities.Mount Carmel Global school ,Hyderabad pledges to felicitate an environment that instils creativity, understanding, and approach with a sense of courage to act in a righteous manner and prepare the students to face the world with confidence


Affiliation / Accreditation
MCGS is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education for Pre-Primary to class X
School Affiliation No:
Old No :130247
New No : 3630079

General Information.

Fee structure - AS PER CBSE NORMS

Result and academics

Staff (Teaching)

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