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The MCGS lays equal emphasis on various kinds of kinds of activities. The desirable behaviour related to learner's Life Skills, attitudes, interests, values, co-curricular activities and physical health are described as skills to be acquired in co-scholastic domain . These areas focus on enhancing the skills of a student in general knowledge, environmental education, physical Education, art, music and dance and computers. These are assessed through quizzes, competitions and activates


At the MCGS we focus on the four skills of the English Language – Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening so as to equip students with the wherewithal to handle communication effectively.

Showing Students the ‘Write’ Way

Life Skills

At The MCGS, the evaluation of students covers all aspects of student’s development including various areas such as Life Skills (Thinking Skills, Social Skills and Emotional Skills) & Attitudes and Values (towards Teacher, School-mates, School Activities, Environment & Value System).

The school will equip students to excel both academically and emotionally and nurture morals, ethics, and human values along with a sense of nationalism and social responsibility.

The following are the core areas to be instilled in students:

Orchestrate the right understanding of success Step forward to lead as needed, regardless of position Building bond that foster nurturing instrumental relationships Conflict management Enhance concentration and memory Articulate and arouse enthusiasm for championing change See diversity as an opportunity Right food & exercise for healthy life style Handling exam pressure Emphasis on attitude of gratitude Understand various emotions and their impact Importance of communication in leveraging diversity Listen openly and send convincing message to others Adversity and negative impact Power of influence How to create an empowered state of mind Set challenging goal and to take calculated risk Understanding into one’s physiology and posture Learning to lead by example Craft a personal vision Sharing clarity

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