Pre School

Joy of learning

School follows the well-known Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) that provides standards and expectations for the development of students The seven areas of this framework are delivered through a multi-sensory, play-based approach. Our students sing, dance, go on trips, swim, experiment, paint, read, use construction toys and engage in many hands on practical learning activities.

There is an emphasis on successful socialization and purposeful management of the learning environment both inside and outside the classroom. Students are given a foundation in languages, and are invited to participate in a number of creative programmes.

The primary school

The primary school curriculum continues to develop natural curiosity and foster a desire to learn among students.. The well-structured curriculum builds on prior learning of concepts and skills which provides students with varied opportunities to strengthen and further their skills. Students develop their ability to apply knowledge through practical tasks, problem solving, investigation skills and using oral and written language. Personal and social skills are strengthened as they work with their peers and take responsibility for their own learning

At our upper primary stage, integration of Science and Technology, bringing Mathematics closer to life and the introduction of integrated thematic approaches to teaching of Social Sciences, are some of the new elements of the curriculum.

Bharat Scouts and Guides

Bharat Scouts and Guides
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