Head of the Institution

The School is headed by a dynamic educational professional with exposure to an international and contemporary curriculum. She has a Masters in English with a B.Ed and a MBA in Human Resources. An educationist with around 13 experience, of which, five years as a Principal of a reputed CBSE School in Bangalore


“Receive the children in Reverence, Educate them in Love and send them forth in Freedom ---- Rudolf Steiner ’’

MCGS provides a warm, caring, stimulating and challenging environment in which our students learn and develop. We strive to provide an Education that Explores and strengthen the potential that is innate in every individual but awaiting expression. We create an environment that enriches the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development of our students. We inculcate the habit of self-learning to build in life skills and to nurture leadership qualities in them. We endeavor stress-free atmosphere of learning, promoting personal achievement, building a sense of responsibility and ultimately securing a strong sense of self for our students. We encourage our students to express their own learning ability to foster learning in totality. We instill in them the – Courage to Dream and Determination with Diligence to convert it into reality.

TEAM MCGS strongly believes in Classroom Learning than classroom teaching so that every young MCGian grows as Happy, Successful and Compassionate philanthropist in the society……

Mrs. Suprabha Hani. Principal

Our vision and Mission

As the Head of this Prestigious Institution my mission is to understand each mind and felicitate an environment that instills creativity, understanding, and approach with a sense of courage and to act in a righteous manner and prepare the students to face the world with confidence

Bharat Scouts and Guides

Bharat Scouts and Guides
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